In 1960

The Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company is one of the member companies of the Rang Dong Holding Group. The history of the company’s formation and development is closely intertwined with the history of the formation and development of the Group.

In 1960, the company was established under the initial name UFEOC (Union of Rubber Enterprises of Indochina, France).

In 1962 – 1977

In 1962, the company changed its name from UFEOC to UFIPLATIC, becoming one of the first enterprises to manufacture various types of PVC, PU foam, tablecloths, thin PVC films, PVC-coated fabrics, PU-coated fabrics, and waterproof canvas.

In 1977, the name UFIPLATIC was changed to Rang Dong Plastic Factory (under the Technology Company – Ministry of Light Industry).

In 1985 – 2003

In 1985, Rang Dong Plastic Factory changed its name to Rang Dong Plastic Company.

In 1993, the Hoc Mon Plastic Factory specializing in packaging production was established.

In 1996, a branch of the company was established in Hanoi.

In 1997, the Nha Trang Plastic Factory was established in Khanh Hoa.

In 1999, the Plastic Factory 6 was established.

In 2000, a branch of the company was established in Nghe An.

In 2003, the company was transferred to be under the Ministry of Industry.

In 2005 – 2006

In 2005, the company underwent equitization and officially started operating under the name Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company.

In 2006, the company established its headquarters at 190 Lac Long Quan, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2009 – 2016

In 2009, the company constructed Packaging Plant No. 1 in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2014:

The Plastic Factory Tien Son was built in Tien Son Industrial Park, Bac Ninh.

In May 2014, the company underwent state divestment and successfully transformed into a joint-stock company with shares held by private shareholders.

In 2016, the Rang Dong Long An Plastic Factory was constructed in Tan Do Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

In 2018 – 2019

In 2018, the Rang Dong Long An Plastic Factory officially commenced its operations.

In 2019, the Rang Dong HealthCare Factory was established, specializing in the production of medical plastic products. At the same time, the company changed its name from Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company to Rang Dong Holding Joint Stock Company (RDP) with four subsidiary companies:

  1. Rang Dong Long An Plastic J.S.C (RLP)
  2. Rang Dong Films J.S.C (RDFs)
  3. Trading Rang Dong J.S.C (RDT)
  4. Rang Dong HealthCare J.S.C (RDH)

The Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company plays a crucial role in the production and business of the key plastic products for the entire Group. The cluster of three factories operates according to modern standards and environmentally friendly practices, ensuring production capacity and product quality.

Plastic Packaging

Bao Bì Nhựa 

This is the company’s main product line. Various types and sizes of plastic packaging are available to serve customer partners based on specific orders. Some notable product lines include:

– Complex packaging

– PE films, both plain and printed

– Heat transfer printed films

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Plastic Films

The company produces various plastic film products in response to market trends and consumer preferences. These plastic films are made from materials such as PVC, PE, EVA, PEVA, etc. Based on the manufacturing materials, the products are appropriately named, such as PVC film, PE film, EVA film, PEVA film. Each type of product has its own variations in patterns according to the production process, offering a diversified choice for customer partners. Particularly noteworthy are the transparent PVC films with high applicability.

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Plastic Sheets

This is a traditional product line of the company. If plastic sheets are used for roofing to allow light in, plastic boards are used as molds in garment factories or for advertising light boxes. Traditional plastic boards come in two main types: smooth plastic boards and patterned plastic boards. In addition, transfer plastic boards are considered the most unique product line and are prioritized for development in the future. Using transfer film printing technology to create decorative wall coverings and floor tiles. In parallel, the vacuum suction board product line is actively researched and invested in, providing materials for the interior decoration market

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Synthetic leather – Simili

This product is created as a substitute for genuine leather. The prominent leather-like patterns come in a variety of colors. The production is tailored to large quantities based on orders. Not only serving the domestic market but also exporting to challenging markets such as the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. Rang Dong Faux Leather has two main types: PVC Simili and PU Simili. Each type has a production formula with colors, thickness, and patterns tailored to specific orders.


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Insulation Materials

The products in this line include electrical wire conduit pipes and insulation tape. The electrical wire conduit pipes are produced in three types: round pipes, corrugated pipes, and square pipes. The company not only manufactures in large quantities for distribution to electrical equipment dealers nationwide but also produces on-demand orders from customer partners or construction project owners.

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The company directly manufactures various types of raincoats from readily available plastic films. The materials include PVC raincoats, PE raincoats, and EVA raincoats, ensuring product quality. The raincoat line is divided into two types: consumer raincoats and branded logo advertising raincoats. Consumer raincoats are supplied to distributor clients, while branded logo advertising raincoats are produced on order, aligning with the communication campaigns of customer partner units.

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Consumer Products

Prominent consumer products include umbrellas, rain boots, faux leather backpacks/purses, faux leather jackets, tablecloths, versatile cloths, shower curtains, etc. All of these are manufactured using the available plastic film and faux leather materials of the company. Quality is prioritized from material selection to the final product. The company produces consumer products based on existing designs or according to specific order requirements.

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Food Wrapping Film

The product is manufactured according to food safety and hygiene standards, based on quality inspections from reputable organizations both domestically and internationally. Food wrapping films are categorized based on the roll size when packaged into final products. The company produces large quantities for wholesale and retail distribution channels nationwide. Additionally, it also manufactures according to specific orders from partners.

Throughout its formation and development, Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company has consistently conducted research and innovation to create many new products that align with market demands and customer preferences. The company’s products have a wide consumption both domestically and internationally, with exports to demanding markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, etc. The company enthusiastically welcomes customer partners to collaborate in researching and developing new product lines.