Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company is known as one of local leading complicated packaging service providers in Vietnam, a key product industry, significantly improving the company’s revenue. A series of plants, equipment and technology have been invested to successfully satisfy the customer’s increasingly high demand: Complicated printing packaging is provided with 1-12 colors, 7-layer combinations, various design and diversified types: 4-side stretch hood films, middle pressing bags, zipper, vertical bag, liquid cover bag, vacuum bag, shrink bag, etc.With annual production capacity of up to 13.5 million m² of composite film and more than 10,000 tons of shrink film, meeting the demand of industries such as confectionery, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agricultural products



COMBINED PACKAGINGDiversified designs: Rolls, 4-side bags, back sealing bag, zipper bags, covered bags, vacuum bag, etc. Meeting the various demands in the fields of: Processing foods, seafoods, agricultural products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, etc.

PRINTED AND NON-PRINTED SHRINK PEEye-catching and shinny packaging surface Standard, sharpness printing colors.Uniform thickness, high transparency.Good load bearing capacity, suitable for various packaging machine models. Application for beverage foodstuff

HEAT TRANSFER FILMPrinting heat transfer in mold and surface with various materials: wood, plastics, metal, etc.3D color-mixing printing technology. Standard and sharpness printing colors. Meeting the various demands in the fields of: Foodstuffs, cosmetics, advertisement and fashion, etc.

PAPER LABELProduct specifications are accurate and compatible with the automatic high performance production and labeling system. Meeting the various demands in the fields of: alcohol and beverage, foodstuffs, cosmetics, etc.

STRETCH HOOD, STRETCH FILMSProduct is characterized by high elasticity, non-tearing, safe goods protection during transportation without inclination and falling, effective water soak. It is widely applied and compatible with temperature-sensitive products.

AGRICULTURAL FILMProtect crops against extreme climate conditions, reduce disease rate and insect. Cover UV protection. Facilitate the better germination, yield and crop improvement Obtain good moisture barrier, saving irrigation water of 40-50.