This type of pipe has the advantage of having a cover convenient for repairing, replacing and adding new electrical wiring systems.

The cable tray has good electrical insulation, so it is sometimes called an insulating gene tube, resistant to mold, corrosion, light impact, ultraviolet rays like a hard plastic cable pipe but the fire resistance is not high.



Corrugated Wire Loom Protector Conduit is made of PVC is shaped like chicken intestines and is resilient due to its design in the shape of consecutive folds.

The advantage of this type of PVC wire conduit is that it can be rolled tightly without much effort or damage to the wall surface of the building, without distortion of the pipe surface when bent to save space and can be easily bent depending on the installation position.



PVC is the lightest and cheapest conductive material..Pvc Rigid Conduit is a type of pipe designed in the form of a round tube. with many different sizes and thicknesses depending on the needs of use and the place of installation.

The conduit has low fire resistance, can be relatively high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation and light impact resistance. But because the tube is completely non-conductive, a ground wire must be installed in each conduit.

  • Rang Dong PVC electrical conduit meets BS EN 61386-21: 2004 + A11: 2010 standard with outstanding advantages, meeting all types of electrical conductor solutions.
  • Rang Dong brand PVC electrical conduit is fire retardant, is the best remedy for termites or insect bites, has very high ductiliti, withstands very high breakdown voltage to ensure all conditions are met. wall electrical design solutions for construction