Raincoat is definitely an indispensable object of ours in the rainy season, especially Saigon with the torrential rains, the raincoat becomes even more important. But, choosing the right raincoat seems like a simple thing but causes a lot of headaches. Following are some common types of raincoat as well as their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the right raincoat for yourself and your family.
1. Turtleneck raincoat (batwing raincoat)
This raincoat is probably familiar to us because 70% of the raincoat sold on the market have this turtleneck design. Although it can be varied more or less, but the overall design retains its original shape. Depending on the materials and design, types of turtleneck raincoats at Rang Dong have different names and characteristics such as: normal turtleneck raincoat, clear raincoat, lamp covering turtleneck raincoat, children turtleneck raincoat, two-head raincoat, etc.
Advantages: Turtleneck raincoat scores because of fast wear and being able to cover 2 people and not wet their collar when it rains.

Turtleneck raincoat is very popular and convenient

In addition, clear turtleneck raincoat with its special design can help you circular on the road safer when turning on signal indicator without covering vision of the opposites.
Disadvantages: Only use in short distances
2. Pardesuss raincoat
Pardesuss raincoat has a very unique design that is long from head to legs and very watertight. It is suitable for pedestrians with high durability. Its only disadvantage is to use for only one person.

Pardesuss raincoat with special design

  1. Set of raincoat
    In rainy season, it cannot help but mention the set of raincoat like a normal set of clothes that is waterproof, some raincoats are even made of two layers to prevent water and keep warm when it rains. This kind of raincoat is suitable for long distance and heavy rain. Its disadvantage is to use for only one person and the user cannot carry backpack or briefcase.

Set of raincoat is close like a normal set of clothes

  1. Hip covering raincoat and EVA raincoat
    Hip covering raincoat is a raincoat like its name which is close but very wide and comfortable and very light because it is made of PVC material. EVA raincoat is a type of hip covering raincoat, but it is especially made of EVA membrane (a type of non-condensed membrane) exclusively in Rang Dong. The EVA raincoat does not keep water, is completely dry even when you are going in the rain, and without bad smell. That’s why EVA raincoat is always in favor of customers and sold best in Rang Dong Shop. In addition, even it is tight at the hip but it is quite wide so that you can carry backpack or briefcase freely. Its only disadvantage of this type is that it can only use for one person.
    The above is the basic lines of raincoats and the actual review of their pros and cons so that you can choose the most suitable raincoat for yourself. In addition, you should pay attention to quality and origin of the raincoat. For Rang Dong, quality and design are always two of the top criteria.
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