PE film Pallet wrap, also known as wrapping film, shrink film is used a lot in factories and large warehouses. Despite having an extremely thin structure, but thanks to its sticky and tough properties, the PE film can wrap tons of goods in just a few miniutes and is widely used.


Pallet-wrapped PE film is a very thin film and is produced from PE granules. At Rang Dong Plastic, the pallet wrapping film is run from 100% imported pure LLDPE. PE film is white, slightly transparent, does not conduct electricity and heat, is impermeable to water and gases, especially soft, tough, elastic, highly elastic, withstands heavy forces and has good adhesion, litte loss.


Compared with some types of film with the same application of PE film on pallets, there are extremely outstanding advantages compared to other films of the same use:

– The film has a soft and tough feature, so it has good puncture resistance, saving packaging costs.

– Resistant to water, dust, and moisture during storage and transportation.

– Protect the goods, fix the goods firmly with little movement from the original position, easy to load and unload, transport later.

– Easy to use film, easy to wrap around goods.

– PE film wrapped Pallet will act as a film to protect the goods inside from dirt, water, acids, alkalis, grease, organic solvents, corrosive oxidizing agents, as well as O2, N2. .

– Using PE film to wrap pallets will help save input costs because the price of shrink film is quite cheap, compared to other methods (air bags, ropes…)

– PE film can also be used to wrap goods to transport packages exporting to foreign countries.

– In any item, simple or many details of PE film wrapped Pallet also fulfill the task of protecting the goods in an absolute way.

– Various sizes compatible with many types of goods.

– 100% pure LLDPE material is not harmful to health.



Step 1: Determine the type of goods, the shape of the goods, measure the size.

Step 2: Use a suitable roll of film, then open the film roll and wrap the package from right to left so that the wrapping film must be close to the film roll if you want to achieve the certainty of the goods.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 many times depending on the type of goods and the required certainty.

Step 4: You can wrap many loops from bottom to top if you want.

Step 5: Carefully inspect the package to make sure there are no holes.

With the great advantages and applications of PE film for pallet wrapping. Rang Dong Plastic with modern production lines, advanced technology and the use of guaranteed materials, so the PE film wrapped in Rang Dong Plastic Pallet has very high quaility. Trusted by many customers over the past 60 years, Rang Dong Plastics always ensures that each product put one the market is thoroughly tested for quality. In addition, Rang Dong Plastic also produces films similar to food wraps, shrink films etc, which meet high standards and are certified as safe for health.